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Commercial Review March 31, 2009

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Nike: Take it to the next level, is a great commercial that tells the story of a young man getting through the ranks to professional soccer playing against some of the best. There is many first person shots, a few shots that pan across the field that adds perspective to every shot, many of the close ups of the players. The main theme of this commercial is to address the speed, aggression and pace of what soccer really is all about. The bright colors and vibrant settings help add to the tone. It was directed by Guy Ritchie and I am assuming its main goal is to promote soccer to Americans, who don’t understand it. You never see the protagonists face; only his arms and feet to make it seem like it could be you. They also have a slow motion shot of Wayne Rooney to help emphasize the speed and attitude of the shot. Many of the shots are either medium close ups or close ups, there aren’t many wide shots because it is trying to help add to the very personal almost biography of the single player. I love the fast pace of the commercial and the loud music that helps add to the chaos on the field.



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