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Music Video Review: Andrew W.K March 24, 2009

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Music Video Review:

Andrew W.K is one of the many artists that came and went and with many un-recognizable songs and tunes. I was a fan a long time ago and I wanted to find a video that was old but still entertaining and had many artistic characteristics to it.
There are numerous camera shots, that have a close up on Andrew W.K’ face. This helps emphasize the grunginess theme that he is going for. Its part of his persona; to be this angry, dirty white kid is his goal and this video helps portray his character with total anarchy within the music video. This video is up close and personal with very dark very grimy scenery and has numerous close-ups that help emphasize and set up perspective in each scene of this nasty protagonist.
The transitions from scene to scene are very quick and almost violent adding to the mayhem created by Andrew W.K. There are lots of visual literacy themes as well, perspective, lines, foreground and background all apparent throughout the video; with the scene of the wires on the bass guitar emphasizing lines, the stairs, the shots with Andrew W.K walking up the stairs away from the camera and than coming into the camera. The close ups of his mouth, all help create a ghastly tone.
There are various camera shots that walk with Andrew W.K creating motion and energy for the scene. There are also scenes that just are still and allow Andrew W.K’s movements to be the emphasis of the scene.
Plot wise, this video is just about some guy running around a house singing a song being dirty and crazy. This beautiful girl is absent. I believe that the video emphasizes more the idea of letting lose and doing what you want to do with out regrets, like singing a song real loud at night rather than going to find a hot chick, even though getting the hot chick for many people is a crazy and difficult and almost disastrous thing.
I like this video because it’s quick, energetic and entertaining. They captured the themes of Andrew W.K, a singer who doesn’t pretend to be anything other than just loud, grungy and energetic. This video captures that feeling in the three minutes and 48 seconds.



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