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Movie Poster March 3, 2009

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The V for Vendetta poster has numerous visual literacy themes about it, from the color pallet to the lighting, to the foreground background, to the lines creating direction and creating a frame in certain cases.
I like how V for Vendetta is on an arch tilting on a thirty degree angle making it stand out and all the people dressed up add to the line and even create repetition within the poster.
On top of them are two pictures of the protagonists and they are shaded in a very comic book-esque style, paying tribute to the original graphic novel. The lines and Freedom Forever, create a movement a sense of background in the distance, giving it perspective. Being in the middle of V’s hat also creates an outline for it.
I love the contrasting color shades of bright white and than a more muted yellow, and shades of black and red repeating emphasis around the characters.



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