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Title Sequence Review February 24, 2009

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This title sequence is for the video game, Metal Gear Solid 3; Snake Eater. I chose this sequence because it links well with the photo shop lecture we had manipulating images and playing with various color patterns. The entire sequence uses various themes and ideas we use in class

The sequence opens with various news articles placed asymmetrically creating a sense of perspective for the bold letters. It later goes on throughout the intro this constant snake, slithering around the screen. Its bones and its movement accentuates the idea of repetition.

The color tones in this intro vary from a very saturated Red when the world is painted red and than very gray and other very dark colors. This color pallet helps exaggerate the white letters that move throughout the screen. The background/foreground is used throughout whether; it’s the snake slithering around and in front or behind the letters.

The use of black and whites helps create a foreground background and associate a model for the viewer. The muted colors helps with the tone of hidden espionage, blending in, not standing out. At times there is a strong emphasis on the names when slowly it is more of a background and the snake takes the foreground. The constant movement of the camouflage colors helps emphasize the names.

The color palette is a mix of muted and saturated colors that helps create this very hidden, kind of sneaky tone that is linked with the protagonist of the video game.
The title sequence ends with the title in the middle, out of the rule of thirds and the black creates a portrait emphasizing the title. There is plenty of negative space in the final sequence that helps frame the title as well.

The moment I saw this title scene I knew it would work well for this assignment. I am a big fan of the video game and it was fun watching it giving me flashbacks as to when I played.



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