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Photographer Review February 16, 2009

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My photographer is Rodney Smith, he is a surrealist photographer. Rodney Smith uses very muted colors and has negative pace in his photos that create a frame and highlight the main objects. The color pallet isn’t varied because he isn’t capturing emotions through light but rather through motion or the lack there of. I like these photos a lot because he uses the rules of thirds in a very appealing manner, having the foreground and background altering or varying some of his pictures work. He creates a certain enriching atmosphere with his very gloomy and engaging photography.
Rodney Smith studied photography at Yale, has traveled around the world. He lived in Jerusalem for three months and has worked for various universities in various regions of the world. His work has been accredited numerous times, wining various awards. He not only teaches, publishes and travels around the world but he exhibits and lectures, characteristics of very few artists.
I love the juxtaposition in all of his photos, where he playfully contradicts the natural with the mechanical. He likes to create bigger pictures with the human body, and I am very attracted to the magical feeling that it emits. It reminds me of Alice and Wonderland, a world where the obscure is natural and the natural obscure. He has various objects in focus while the main focus of the photo out of focus to exaggerate his message and juxtapose symbols and realities.



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